TKR – Planned Maintenace System

You can increase the capacity and cut costs with the same machinery

We have developed a special method to increase the efficiency of packaging machines maintenance at our contracted partners.

TKR – Planned Maintenace System – relies on multi year experience in the service field, benefits from manufacturers guidelines and operator feedback.

With the right combination of the aboves, we can create a specially tailored maintenance action plan, which is unique for every single customer or application.

The rigorous follow of this plan ensures our customers to increase the uptime and reliability of their end of line packaging machines, and significantly reduce the number of unpredictable breakdowns.

This way we can reach our common goal, to increase the capacity and cut costs on the existing packaging line.

Planned Maintenance System
Planned Maintenance System

Key features of TKR

  • contract based solution
  • maintenance tailored for each application
  • packaging machine checkup on a regular base
  • status logs, available for end user 
  • up to date EHS compliance 
  • up to date electric safety 
  • up to date operator manuals 
  • continuously trained operators 
  • scheduled monthly costs 
  • predictable part replaces and costs 
  • predictable and liaised downtimes for maintenance 
  • guaranteed packaging machinery uptime (95%+) 
  • guaranteed response time at unpredicted breakdowns 
  • spare part storage 
  • low regular costs
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Avoid losses and reduce your costs with Planned Maintenance System!

„Machines only break down when we use them.”

Advantages of regular planned maintenance

...and the more we need them, the bigger problem we face with an unpredicted breakdown.

If we do not maintain our machinery, moreover in case of a failure we only replace what is really neccessary, we might save some costs in a short time.
But on the long run our breakdowns will be more frequent, so we have to spend more and more on repairs, and face with higher loss on reduced capacity.
In a few years time (if unlucky earlier) we can come to the decision that the only good solution is to replace the machine with a new one.

Another approach is where we regularly monitor our assets, and maintain them in a pre-defined manner.
Although in the first period, especially under warranty, these could be considered as unneccessary costs, in a few years time we can avoid bigger or more expensive failures.

Let us take a simple example:

If we clean our belt conveyors on a regular base, remove the dirt under the belt, lubricate bearings and gears, we can operate without any major problems for years.These little interventions can be organized and handled with minimum cost and downtime.
If we do not care about cleaning or lubrication, after a few years or even months, dirt builts up on our conveyor, requires higher force to run, creates an increased wear on bearings, belt, gears.
Sooner or later our conveyor will stall, and require a complete overhaul. We have to replace most of the parts at once, and of course we will be in the middle of production for our most important customer.

So we have to act fast, with no time to think on cost saving, as we are loosing money on stopped production.

As you can see, even a simple belt conveyor can benefit from regular maintenance, so more sophisticated machines make it even more important.

preventive maintenance

Key benefits of a preventive maintenance are

  •  predictable downtimes
  • predictable costs
  • longer lifetime of the machine
  • reliable operation
  • higher average capacity
  • less unpredicted breakdown
  • as a result of the aboves - cost effective operation
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